Home Insect Control – Preventative Strategies

One of the best strategies for home insect control is to keep them out in the first place. In this article we discuss a few actions you can take to prevent insects breeding in and around your home.

Fleas – Home Insect Control

Vacuum your house and wash pet bedding once a week to pick up fleas and their eggs. Groom or bath pets to remove fleas, and use an anti-flea application from your vet on your pet’s coat.
If you do get an infestation, use an Ecomist Insect Grenade to deal to the little beasts.

Ants and Roaches – Home Insect Control

Pinpoint entry points and seal with gap filler, caulk or weather stripping.
Eliminate food sources by storing attractive foods like sugar in the fridge, sealing all food containers, rinsing food and drink containers before disposing and don’t leave pet food out overnight.
Of course, one of the main benefits of an Ecomist dispenser is that the regular burst of pyrethrins has an excellent repellant effect to keep insects out in the first place.
For a quick-kill solution for ants, cockroaches and flies that still make it into your home despite your best efforts, use Ecomist Sniper which can also be used as a long term barrier that you spray on areas where the insects might pass.

Mosquitoes – Home Insect Control

Eliminate stagnant water around your property and screen windows and doors (that will also keep flies out).  Use mosquito netting to cover strollers/baby carriers and beds and consider dressing in long pants or shirts where needed. For exposed skin you can use a spray-on insect repellant like Ecomist BugBullit to prevent bites.

Bedbugs – Home Insect Control

When travelling (which is generally when bed bugs are picked up), try not to put your baggage on the floor. Put it on a sealed, hard surface like in the bathroom but not on the place designed for baggage.
Check your bed and mattress thoroughly by pulling back the sheets and looking for bed bugs themselves in the creases and stitching of the mattress fabric or dried blood marks on the mattress (the torch on your smart phone is good for this). If you find anything, ask for another room.
Put these strategies in place around your home and you would have taken good steps towards minimising the chance of having to share it with insects.