Ecomist Perfumes – A Beginners Guide

Ecomist Perfumes Explained

While somewhat cumbersome in name, ‘Ecomist Odour Neutraliser with French Perfume’ is a product with two personalities – a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde kind of thing. In the first instance Ecomist Perfumes is a product that hunts down and kills bad odours, and in the second instance it’s a product that fills the room with a fabulous fragrance.
It’s a real 2-in-1 solution that lends itself to all kinds of whiffy situations. It works wonders where you want to remove offensive smells – odours from pets, cooking, smoking, dampness, renovations and parties. Then it proactively enhances the neutralized environment with a gorgeous fragrance inspired by the greatest perfumes.

Almost as good as the real thing

Inspired by famous scents such as Chanel No. 5, CK One, Joop and Burberry, our fragrances have been selected for their wide appeal. Our perfumer is a talented chap with a nose that can identify the individual notes that go into the world’s most famous perfumes. We’ve had quite a lot of fun naming each of our replicas:
* Jupiter was inspired by Joop
* Angel was inspired by CK One, a unisex perfume
* Country was inspired by Tresor by Lancome
* Verberry was inspired by Burberry of London
* Forbidden was inspired by the perfume Opium
* Shanel was inspired by Chanel No. 5
* Red Dwarf was inspired by Red Door of Arden

Spicy, floral or fresh? Which are you?

Another way to choose from our perfume range is to understand what your nose prefers. If you like spicy fragrances, you should try our Parisian, Jupiter and Far Out fragrances. If floral is your thing, try Forbidden, Shanel or Red Dwarf. And if you love a fresh scent, we recommend Angel, Brandon or Champagne.

More about flowers

Floral scents are perennial favourites, so we have a veritable florist shop of fragrances that echo flowers. They can be broken down into single flowers, simple blends and sophisticated bouquets.
* Single Flowers: Lavender, Frangipani, Rose
* Simple Blends: Monte Carlo (lavender and citrus)
* Sophisticated bouquets: Country, Hypnosis or Enchanted Garden.

Food and fruit

That brings us to our food or fruity perfumes. These need the least explaining as their names generally tell you what they are. Some of our biggest sellers include:
* Vanilla Supreme
* Citrus
* Raspberry
* Grape
* Peppermint
* Blueberry muffin

How to fragrance YOUR home/business

Our perfumes are designed to be dispensed by one of our automatic dispensers. They have a high concentration of perfume, so spraying them by hand will normally result in way too much product in the air. For the automatic dispenser, we have two options:
* If you have a large area to cover, then the E6 or Maxi dispenser is the way to go. It takes a large 650ml can, but you could set it to last for two months (325ml per month).

* For smaller areas, the E4 should suffice. It takes a 250ml canister and can be programmed to turn off at night – so your can will last longer.

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If you already have an Ecomist dispenser for keeping insects out of your home or business, then you can use the same unit to dispense the perfumes if you aren’t using it for insect control over the winter months (although it’s a good idea to keep using the insect killer to keep cockroaches and ants at bay).

For purchasing the perfumes there are a few options. As with most products we purchase, the more you buy, the cheaper it becomes per unit. A single can goes for $19.95 on our website, but a better option would be to get a three pack for $57 and try three different fragrances (that works out to $19.00 per can). Obviously, if you are paying freight, the cost gets spread over the number of cans that you buy making the bigger quantities even better value for money.

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This blogs aim was to give you a brief run down on our perfume range – for more help finding the most appropriate fragrance try our Fragrance Finder (CLICK HERE).

Finally, remember that your Ecomist franchisee is always just a phone call away on 0800 75 75 78. They have years of experience with placing the correct fragrance in the correct location, whether it be for residential or commercial premises. They’ll be able to talk you through your options and make suggestions for your particular situation.

Keep well, and all the best from your local Ecomist Franchisee.

P.S. if you’ve got an offensive odour that you want to clear in a hurry, try our ODOUR BOMB