Do It Yourself with Ecomist

With Ecomist, you can carry out your own DIY insect control using our great range of products:

1.Clear infestations instantly with Insect Grenade– fogs the room to kill any insects that might be present.

2.Protect Your Borders with Insect Sniper  – a residual surface spray that dries and maintains its insecticidal properties for weeks later killing any bugs that might walk over it or rest on it – spray it on window sill, lampshades, skirting boards etc.

3. Maintain a bug free environment with Insect Killer with Natural Pyrethrins . Set up a Ecomist dispenser to release small amounts of natural pyrethrins at regular intervals to kill and repel any insects that might think of coming into your insect-free environment.

4. Keep bugs off your skin with BugBullit  – when out and about protect yourself from being bitten by mozzies or bothered by midgies by using our personal insect repellent. Nice size to keep in your hand bag or rucksack.

Your local Ecomist franchisee will advise you of the best model of dispenser for your environment. Call them on 0800 75 75 78

Insect Control with an Ecomist Automatic Dispenser

Gone are the days of being forced to share your home or business with insect pests.

Automatic aerosol dispensers from Ecomist allow you to control insects pests (flies, cockroaches, ants,spiders,moths) in your home with the minimal amount of fuss.

Here’s how they work;

A can of Ecomist Insect Killer is screwed into the dispenser. You then choose the program that you want to run (high, medium or low) then position the dispenser on a wall or stand it on it’s stand somewhere high up (at least 2m from the ground and 30cm from the ceiling). The dispenser sprays very small amount of  Insect Killer with Natural Pyrethrins (see below for more info on pyrethrins) into the air at specific intervals (4, 7 or 15 minutes).

The pyrethrins circulating in the air kill any insects that come into contact with them but they are also a very effective repellant (insects find it extremely irritating). For example, sometimes when people first start using an Ecomist dispenser, they notice an increased amount of cockroaches because they find the pyrethrins so annoying that they come out of their hiding places during the day (we call this the flushing action of pyrethrins). Once they are out of their hiding places the insects are killed by the pyrethrins.

Pyrethrins are a natural insecticide that break down very quickly in daylight – that’s  why the dispensers constantly release new amounts into the air. That property also means that your home is not left with active insecticide residue all over the surfaces. With the dispenser running, the area in which it is operating effectively becomse a no-go zone for insects.

Pyrethrin Info

Pyrethrin is the main active ingredient in Ecomist Insect Killer.
Pyrethrin is a refined verion of Pyrethrum which is derived from the flowers of Chrysanthemum Cinerarifolium and possesses a unique combination of insecticidal properties. It contains not one but at least six distinct related insecticidal ingredients called Pyrethrins. Insects affected by Pyrethrin will try to escape from the threatening area.


Although in recent years there have been several chemical imitations of Pyrethrin, none of these alone combines all the properties of Pyrethrin. Being an aerosol, Ecomist Insect Killer also contains propellants (hydrocarbons) which evaporate upon release from the can as well as an ingredient in which to dissolve the pyrethrin and another special ingredient to enhance the activity of the pyrethrin called a synergist (Piperonyl butoxide).


Pyrethrin is one of the safest insecticides known. It has a low toxicity rate, is non-allergenic and is approved by government regulators for the use in meat exporting and processing facilities. While safe for mammals, pyrethrins are relatively toxic to fish and reptiles so make sure you don’t have any aquariums near to your dispenser.


Pyrethrin is a totally natural product and is soon broken down by sunlight and leaves no residue.

Flushing Action

Disturbs insects so they move out of their hiding places and expose themselves to the insecticidal spray. Greater flushing power than any other commercial insecticide.

Fast Knockdown

When insect come into contact with Pyrethrin they try to get away from it. A rapid paralytic action causes knockdown soon after – often within seconds. Having your dispenser releasing small amounts regularly acts as a repellent that keeps insects away once the area has been cleared.


Pyrethrin is repellent to insects at very low concentrations, a useful property in the protection of stored grain and other foodstuffs.
Broad Spectrum Effective against a wide range of insects and pests.

Minimal Insect Resistance

Ecomist Insect Killer uses a small quantity of Piperonyl Butoxide. This is a synergist which enhances the effecitveness of the pyrethrins. Piperonyl Butoxide is also a resistance breaker. This means it stops the insects from developing resistance to our product.