Keep Rodents Out of Your Home – 8 Tips

Looking for a way to keep rodents out of your home?

Keep Rodents Out of Your HomeWith winter starting to settle in, now is the time to start protecting your home from rodents looking for a warm and cosy environment to settle into for the colder months.

Mice and rats can damage wiring, pipework and structural timbers. They also eat and contaminate food and food preparation equipment in kitchens and pantries.

Many people mistakenly believe pests should only be dealt with once inside a home. However, the best pest control is the preventative kind and can be accomplished by taking proactive steps to prevent pests from entering the home in the first place.

Tips to keep rodents out of your home:

  1. Keep Rodents Out of Your HomeTrim back any trees by at least 2 meters with branches near the roof to slow down roof jumping.
  2. Ensure all rubbish that is placed in outside rubbish bins are well wrapped.
  3. Clean the sub floor area. If you’ve got rodents, you’ll see the insulation hanging down (they like to nest in it). Once the area is clean, you can see what needs to be done. Rodents can carry some nasty diseases so it is advised to wear high-quality respiratory protection or contact your Ecomist professional for advice.
  4. Look around the inside and outside of your sub floor. Thoroughly examine for any openings. Close off any sub floor doors with an actual door instead of a casual closure such as a piece of wood pulled over an opening. You can stuff small openings with steel wool. Medium openings can be bridged with 3cm hardware cloth (mesh) stapled over the opening. Make sure to check where plumbing, electric and heating enter and exit your house.
  5. Check the outside of the house very thoroughly. Fill or bridge gaps where the house meets the ground to prevent entry. You should safely get up on the roof prepared to fill holes where vents exit the roof and where two roof lines intersect. Bring along hardware cloth and fillers as used in the crawl space. This is important because arboreal rats have no problem jumping on to the house, moving in, and finding their way to your generous supplies of food, water, heat, and shelter.
  6. Check the roof void to see if you have any activity up there. Put some traps up, check for openings to fill, and remember to reset your traps frequently until you have no activity.
  7. Clean the garage, or store room. Rats think your clutter is a lovely, undisturbed place to live.
  8. Look for problems with your garage door. A garage door weather seal is used to seal the gap between the perimeter of a garage door and the door frame. The material used is made of a flexible rubber, which is vulnerable to chewing by mice and other rodents. Rodents chew through the lower corners to gain access to their new home. A flexible metal strip can be secured to the garage door weather seal where the seal meets the ground. The garage/ home will then be better protected against pesky rodents sneaking inside.

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