Opening the dispenser:

1. First, grab hold of the dispenser as shown in the picture to the right

2. Push down with your index finger and pull the two panels apart. There is another clip on the opposite end of the dispenser, which comes apart easily.

Screwing the can in:

3.  Remove the white manual spray button (nozzle) from the can then place it on its side in the dispenser lining it up with the valve of the dispenser.

4. Screw the can into the valve by rotating the can with your thumb until it is hand-tight only and you have a complete seal i.e. you can’t hear any gas coming out. Please don’t over tighten it.

Closing the dispenser:

5. Clip the top of the back panel into the corresponding notch on the front panel. To get it the correct way round, it can help to look at the embossed writing on the back.

6. Close the back panel over the front one by clicking the locking mechanism at the opposite end of the dispenser (the bottom) into place.

That’s it! You’re good to go.