5 ways to stop the flea cycle on your property

5 ways to stop the flea cycle

5 ways to stop the flea cycle on your property.


Pet owners know when a flea infestation hits because dogs and cats show visible signs of irritation. Flea bites seem to appear overnight on children and on exposed areas like feet and legs. Once you see signs you need to apply these 5 ways to stop the flea cycle on your property.
Surprisingly adult fleas make up just 5 percent of the flea population in the home. The Egg, Larvae and Pupae stage amount to 95 percent of the flea population active in your the home or business.

Once adult fleas are discovered, the flea cycle is in full swing and immediate treatment is necessary to eliminate their life cycle. Over 400 eggs can hatch in just 2-3 weeks! Businesses are also prone to flea infestations as people can carry them indoors, wind, dust and foot traffic all make a business vulnerable to insect infestations.

Here are 5 ways to stop the flea cycle in it’s tracks:


1) Treat your pets with a quality flea treatment. This will stop them being a host for the adult fleas to feed on and grow. It will also stop fleas from being transported around the property.

2) Wash bedding, toys and clothing in warm soapy water. This gets them at the egg stage which is vital.

3) Vacuum the property before and after treatment to remove eggs lodged in the carpets and rugs.

4) We recommended letting off 2- 3 cans of Ecomist Insect Grenade Foggers in the morning. Once you set the canister, the entire contents of the can empties, penetrating those hard to reach areas where insects might hide. The Grenade contains an Insect Growth Regulator (IGR) which breaks the breeding cycle of flying and crawling insects for up to 6 months. While also preventing insects in the larval or egg stages from reaching maturity as adults. Be sure to cover aquariums, food and follow the directions.

5 ways to stop the flea cycle5) When you return to the property, open windows and doors, vacuum and mop to remove fleas and eggs which have been dislodged by the treatment. The Ecomist Grenade will not only rid your home of fleas but also other flying and crawling insects, such as cockroaches, silverfish, spiders and more.

If you have questions or need additional support to treat your home or business you can contact your local Owner/Operator.