Fleas in Autumn

Fleas In Autumn

Flea season is not just restricted to the warmer Spring and Summer months – but Fleas in Autumn can also become a problem in your home. Prolific breeders, a single female flea can lay up to 1,500 eggs over the course of her life cycle. As Autumn arrives we naturally close our doors and windows and turn up the heat, and it becomes the ideal climate to signal flea eggs to hatch.

Interesting Flea Facts

– Fleas don’t have ears and are virtually blind
– A flea can jump 30,000 times without stopping and reverse direction when they jump.
– Female fleas feed on our pets, animals and us and can consume up to 15 times their weight in blood – eww!

Surprisingly the adult fleas only make up just 5 percent of the breeding cycle in the home, so the egg stage is the most critical stage to target them.

Eliminating fleas at egg stage is vital to having a flea free environment

Eggs can be hard to spot and are often lodged in the carpet piles and pet bedding – so many people only realise they have fleas in their home or work when the find flea bites on themselves, their children or see their pets scratching!

Tips to eliminating Fleas in Autumn:

1) Use a fogger like Ecomist’s  Insect Grenade which has ‘egg busters’ to put an immediate halt to their breeding cycle.
2) Vacuum frequently
3) Wash pets regularly and use pet flea treatment right away if you suspect your animal is carrying fleas.
4) Wash bedding and pet bedding, along with soft toys in hot water.

Tom shows us how to use the Insect Grenade in this short video:


Insect Sniper is a sure fire way to create an invisible barrier around your homes
windows, doors, cracks and crevices which is an access and breeding point for many insects and pests.


During the colder months the Ecomist dispenser set on medium or low will continue to deter insects from laying eggs and breeding.

Insect Grenade

The Insect Grenade is a fantastic fogger which kills a range of insects including fleas. Preparing your home for treatment will ensure an effective impact on these little critters.
Make sure pets and fish are not present and any cupboards and draws open if in need of treatment.