20 Years of Fine Fragrancing with Perfume Designer Yves Dombrowsky

In the past 20 years Yves has been involved in the evolution of Ecomist and continued to create inspiring and high quality fragrances designed for the Ecomist dispensers. “We have done a huge amount of work to add sophistication and ambiance for any setting,” he says. “The Ecomist dispensers are the Rolls Royce of diffusion, intelligent and programmable, and the perfumes we have are the Rolls Royce in aerosol diffusion.”


It was in 1993 when Yves Dombrowsky met the Ecomist entrepreneurs Chris and Garth, sparking a series of events that changed his career path as he embarked on a 20 year business relationship with Ecomist. “When I look back, I attribute my career in perfumery to Ecomist,” says Yves.
“Perfume is as subjective and emotion triggering as Art,” he says.


The Science of Scent

With a background in science, microbiology and research, Yves understands the power and the science behind each fragrance. “The power of scent and perfume, essential oils can alter the state of our emotions, ability to function and perform, even create and change our moods,” he says.

Applying this knowledge and intensive perfume training in France, Yves has now become one of the most successful perfumers and cosmetic fragrance suppliers in NZ and expanding worldwide.


An Introduction to Ecomist

The same year he was approached about fragrancing by Ecomist, he decided to go France and study under a former Chanel perfume designer. Each time Yves would return to NZ for a short break, Ecomist would be ready to order more perfumes from him.“For one year or two years they were my only customer and they were buying from me every two months five perfumes, 10, 20 perfumes so it was quite exciting,” he says.

After his training Yves came back to New Zealand and was approached by local and established cosmetic companies. Since then Yves says his business has never stopped growing. He designs unique fragrances for leading cosmetic brands, banks, corporate retailers, Michael Hill Jeweler, Nike, even for the Mayor of New Caledonia. Customers in search of their own signature scent made at his Yves Andre Perfume Bar in Auckland. Over half his market is in cosmetic fragrancing and he now controls 90 percent of the natural cosmetic market in NZ because of his knowledge, innovation and designs.


The Evolution of Scent

Going beyond odour control, Ecomist’s fragrances have diversified from basic scents like talc, vanilla and lavender to more designer inspired scents like Jupiter, shanel and Parisian which has remained in the top 20 list. “Ecomist Franchisees can be like interior fragrance designers, we can even twist two fragrances and work with companies to create signature scents,” says Yves.

Yves has worked with Ecomist to design fragrances that are safe and effective in aerosol cans. All the perfumes and limited edition scents from Ecomist have been specially designed for the dispensers and meet EFRA safety standards. As luxury perfumes and cosmetics continue to exceed record sales globally, Yves sees Ecomist’s unique and strong position in the consumer market, making Ecomist a leader in residential and commercial designer fragrance diffusion.

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