Autumn Pests

Autumn pests

Do you have signs of these Autumn pests in your home? Do you smell something or hear strange sounds coming from the walls? Now we are well into Autumn you may begin to suspect that you may have extra visitors in your home or work as Rats and mice search areas to shelter, eat and breed. Often clear sightings of rodents is not always possible as they are nocturnal. They also pick up on more sound frequencies that we can, so they will wait until pets and people are not around before venturing out.

Common NZ rodents are the roof rat, Norwegian rat and field mouse. These three furry troublemakers can breed up to 200 babies in one season. Getting them sourced and removed is critical from causing expensive damage to your property.

There are some common signs of rodent activity:

1) Food in the cupboards or on the bench looks like it has been tampered with.
2) Droppings that look like hard grains of rice being found.
3) Smell of mustiness or an odour
4) A nest is found in or around the property.
5) Damage to appliance cords or other furniture
6) Scratching sounds – though this is a rarer sign.

Rats and mice like to nest in places where it’s warm and dry. They are commonly found amongst old newspapers or magazines, boxes, rags, cupboards, spare rooms and basements or even roof spaces.
Other places to look for, are in  the kitchens, the hot water cupboard and behind the refrigerator.

Autumn PestsInteresting Mice Facts

– Mice are colour blind and have poor vision, so they run along skirting boards and use their tail like to help them navigate.
– Mice can hear sounds on a frequency spectrum 68,000 Hertz higher than we can.
– Mice use sound to communicate. Much of their communication occurs on a frequency range inaudible to human ears.


Rats and mice may nest outdoors so check piles of bricks, timber, garden rubbish and overgrown parts of the section for nests or signs of habitation.
It is important to check regularly around the home and outside to make sure mice and rats do not have access points either into the home or ideal places to hide and nest. And if you have doubts or questions call one of our friendly Pest Management team on  0800 75 75 78 or get more information on how we can help you with pests here.

Here’s 8 tips to keep these nasty Autumn pests out