How to Keep Mosquitoes away from your Home

How to Keep Mosquitoes away from your Home, you ask. This can be pretty simple if you eliminate the things they love and that are perfect for their breeding. Mosquitoes can comfortably breed in the smallest amount of stagnant water so it is a good idea to survey your property and have a checklist to reduce mosquito’s ability to breed this season.

In New Zealand we have 15 species of Mosquitos (waeroa in Maori). 12 are native to NZ and four have been introduced.
The most common biting mosquitos we find in our homes and gardens are the female striped mosquito and the brown house mosquito. These non-native mosquitos lay eggs in stagnant water around homes and buildings and in pools of water in the ground.

How to Keep Mosquitoes away from your Home

How to Keep Mosquitoes away from your Home:

1) Look around the home for any pools of water: barrels, tyres, empty pots and trays,  garden water features, buckets, pans, sandpits, boats.
2) Clean out gutters annually – birds can drop grasses in the drains. Leaves and other debris can collect and become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
3) Trim large trees close to the home – some trees with big leaves can hold enough water for mosquitos to lay their eggs.
4) Check your Ecomist Dispenser batteries (alkaline only). They last approximately one year – is it time to replace them?
5) Personal Bug repellent with Deet is the recommended protection for people exposed
to mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes can breed so quickly it is important to make sure you are covered.

How to Keep Mosquitoes away from your HomeOudoors

When enjoying the great outdoors, it is important to survey the area where you decide to set up your tent or cabin – and make sure you  are not in close proximity to slow moving streams or hidden pools of water as you could be a meal for them 24/7.! Get a can of tropical strength Bug Bullit that fits in your bag and relax knowing you’ve done your job to keep mossie free.

How to Keep Mosquitoes away from your HomeSpraying a barrier spray such as Insect Sniper in cracks and crevices is another way to eliminate them at the egg and larvae stage, insect sniper is ideals for the E4 or Maxi Dispenser for larger rooms are ideal for targeting mosquitos in mid-air – set at high or medium this ensures you will be sure to keep pesky mosquitos away. To prevent being a meal for the mosquitos, skin protection in an easy spray-on insecticide like the Bug Bullit, with deet, can be effective in avoiding the lots of itchy bites and spending time and money looking for creams and itch relief medications.
Talk to your doctor if you develop a rash, red eyes, fever, or joint pain within 14 days of travel to a country that is currently affected by the Zika virus.

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