Summer Insect Control

Summer Insect ControlAhh, Kiwi summers, warm nights, friends and family, the smell of the BBQ cooking, and relaxing outdoors with the windows open. Other than the rain, the biggest deterrent to enjoying the indoor/outdoor fun are mosquitos, pesky flies and fleas, so get ahead of them with some Summer Insect Control.

Ecomist’s 5 Tips for Summer Insect Control.

1) Protect your family: by spraying yourself with Bug Bullit – a safe and high quality personal repellent with deet, will detract biting mosquitoes and bothersome flies.

2) Outdoor Furniture: Spray under your outdoor furniture with Insect Sniper to keep insects away from your outdoor living areas.

3) Dispenser Location: Make sure your indoor dispenser is situated in the correct position in your home for maximum effectiveness – 2 meters form the floor and at least 30 cm from the ceiling and in an area that gets enough ventilation in the correct direction.

4) Insect Grenade: Fleas and larvae in the home and carpet cause multiple problems for you, your family and pets. Designed for fast and effective relief from insect invasions, set it off to fog the room with insecticide, killing any insects that are there.

5) Prevention: Make sure bags of leftover foods, garbage, and any stagnant water or grass cuttings are disposed of quickly to prevent mosquitoes and flies breeding at your place and keep your events fun and pest free.

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