Finding that Sweet Spot – How to install your dispenser

Enhance your environment by installing your Ecomist Dispenser and say NO to flies, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes and more!
Tom our Ecomist Resident Pest Expert has some great instructions on how to install your dispenser. Your Ecomist Dispenser comes with everything you need to stop nasty crawling and biting insects in their tracks.

First step when you open your Ecomist Dispenser you’ll find:

  • Dispenser
  • 3 Alkaline Batteries (Only) – they last approx. 1 year
  • Screws to hang the dispenser on the wall
  • Stand for you to place the dispenser upright
  • Settings to turn ON/OFF and adjust the level high low/medium etc..


All About Air Flow:

After placing the alkaline batteries into the dispenser and turning the machine on (facing the dispenser away from your face). You can turn on the unit and depending on your dispenser, adjust various setting to allow for the weather and conditions.

Handy tips and three import rules Tom says NO to:

1) Avoid open windows. Open windows means the insect spray with natural pyrethrins may not get to the places where you need it most.
2) Keep the dispenser away from open flames like gas stoves
3) Air conditioning units can impede the effectiveness of the spray if it is pumping air out or around.
4) Place the dispenser away from open food and also your pets sleeping areas.
5) Alkaline batteries are the only batteries to use for our dispensers.

Air Flow Recommendations:

Look around your room i.e. the living room and see where there would be a sweet spot about 30 cm from the ceiling and around 2 meters from the floor. When you have found that spot you can sit back and relax knowing you are covered!
The dispensers are recommended for year round use as insect proliferate over the hot summer months and then find shelter inside the home over winter. Say NO to bugs today!