7 Reasons We Love Home Fragrances

Every society has it’s own way of using fragrances to make their homes more inviting. In the eastern world, people often use incense sticks. In the west we’re more likely to use flowers, aromatherapy or room sprays.

Ecomist supplies high-quality room fragrances to retailers and home owners throughout New Zealand. Our fragrances are dispensed using the same units as our insect-control products, so your room receives a regular, ultra-fine mist of fragrance.

From all the feedback we’ve received from our happy customers, here are some of the top reasons to use fragrance in your home:

1. Its Winter And The Windows Are Mostly Shut

When air isn’t getting the chance to circulate and refresh, rooms can start to get stale and musty. Choosing a fresh scent such as Citrus, Peppermint or Energy will give any room a boost.

2. You Have An Amazing Home Decor

Maybe you’ve poured your heart and soul into your home decor, and now you’re looking for the ultimate finishing touch – fragrance! – A signature scent for your home.
Energising, relaxing, luxurious or romantic. Ecomist has the scent to create the perfect atmosphere or ambiance in your home. By proactively choosing a room fragrance, you can build pleasant associations between your home or business and the people who spend time there.

3. You Want To Create A Relaxing Environment

If you’d like to come home to a tranquil and relaxing home after a hectic and busy day, the the scent of Ecomist Lavender, Baby Talc or Ozone could make all the difference.

4. You’re Putting The House On The Market

It’s a well know fact that open homes are likely to be more successful if your house smells of fresh baking. There are two ways to achieve the same effect without reaching for the cake mixer – Ecomist Blueberry Muffin or Vanilla.
with its subtle green and citrus notes could also be a winner

5. You Want To Feel Happy

The idea of happiness in a fragrance mist is very appealing, and there’s good evidence to suggest it actually works. Ecomist Orange or Citrus and Lavender will put a dose of happy into the air. You should also consider Chocolate, as long as it doesn’t drive you into the pantry!

6. There Are People Coming To Dinner

While the aroma of culinary delights can be fabulous (if you’re a cook), it’s also nice to greet your guests with a subtle scent that helps them to get relaxed and chatty. Ecomist Peach is both relaxing and awakening, while Strawberry can help to get people into a party mood. For a sophisticated function, consider our Parisian scent – it’s a classic that everyone loves.

7. You’re Feeling Uptight And Irritated

When you’re anxious or irritable, Ecomist Vanilla has a calming effect. Orange also reduces anxiety – it even works in dentist’s offices, where everyone’s on edge.