Get Rid of Flies in 6 Easy Steps

Have you started to notice more flies arriving? It pays to try get rid of flies as soon as you start to notice an increase in their population around your home. The two most common flies to emerge at this time of year are the Blow fly and House fly. The life cycle of these flies are more aggressive than most other insects, with a female fly capable of depositing 150 eggs in one go, and up to 800 eggs in a week! Here are six tips to get rid of flies at your place:

1) Regularly hose down your outdoor rubbish bins. This damp, dark habitat with easy access to food is an ideal breeding ground.

2) Check areas like kitchen vents, and clean regularly.  Unfortunately, this can be a particularly attractive spot for Blow flies to breed.

3) Make sure your compost bin has a lid and it’s fitting tightly.

4) Indoors, flies land on surfaces that have food residue. Ensure all open food packets are in air tight containers, and always clear benches of crumbs. Get rid of Flies

5) Where you’ve seen a fly land or reset, clean the surfaces as flies tend to go back to these spots. Also regularly wipe ceilings and walls of the visible fly spots.

6) Keep your Ecomist Automatic Dispenser set on medium to deter flies and other insects from entering your environment.

If you have any questions or concerns about flies on your property, contact your local franchisee – we are happy to simply have a chat or conduct an onsite property inspection. See our Services website to see how we can help.