Spring Tips for Cockroach Prevention

Spring Tips for Cockroach Prevention Spring Tips for Cockroach Prevention

Spring season is great news for longer days and bbq weather, but unfortunately, along with that comes increasing numbers of cockroaches who are on the lookout for food scraps and an indoor environment. It’s a good Idea to prep with these Spring tips for cockroach prevention, as cockroaches enter our homes and workplaces they bring with them bacteria and germs and can even cause allergy reactions. 

1) Hygiene: Cockroaches love to snack on leftover food and crumbs. Cleaning kitchen benches and food storage cupboards is essential tostop them from traipsing overyour food and counter tops.

2) Hinges: Cockroaches can be found in unusual places like door hinges. Check these areas and use Ecomist Sniper to create an invisible barrier around the door ways and include the hinges too.

3) Spring cleaning tip: Look behind fridges and freezers for cockroaches. This is a favourite cockroach spot as it’s dark, warm and dry. And as the fridge motor provides a constant source of heat,  it can attract cockroaches year round, so we recommend checking regularly.

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