5 Ways to keep Flies and Mosquitoes away

High heat, humidity and rain cause all kinds of problems for homes and businesses. Flies and mosquitoes are breeding at a record rate due to the favourable conditions and combating these flying pests is vital to keeping your property hygienic and comfortable. Here are 5 ways to keep flies and mosquitoes away;How to keep Flies and Mosquitoes away

Sticky flies are on the hunt for food, sugar and anything decaying, so:

1) Ensure no food is left out, including the fruit bowl.  We recommend sealing food in an airtight container and placing in the fridge or panty.

2) Clean any spills around the kitchen when they happen to minimize food residue and keep your facilities hygienic.

3) Wash fly marks off walls and ceilings, this will help deter them from continuing to make a mess.

4) Remove any stagnant water that may be laying around the property; mosquitoes love to breed and lay eggs around water.

5) Keep your Ecomist Dispenser set to High during this peak insect season and if you do see an influx of flies or other flying bugs, check your batteries and the contents of the can in your Ecomist dispenser.

Think you may have an insect infestation, that requires a little more attention contact your local Ecomist franchisee on 0800 75 75 78.
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