Spring Proof your Home from pests

Have you Spring Proofed your Home from Pests?

It is not too late to do your spring proof your home from pests! In warmer areas flies may just be starting to appear and mosquitoes will be looking for water to lay their eggs. Flea eggs that have laid dormant over the winter will soon find the right conditions of humidity and movement to trigger a spring hatch! A spring explosion of spiders can also be a nasty and fortunately avoidable problem on your property.

To avoid a Spring spike of insect activity  on your property, here are 5 ways to effectively Spring proof your home for the season:

1) Spring proof your home by checking roof spaces, behind doors, outdoor furniture, BBQ areas and swimming pools or ponds around the property to see if there are any insect infestations.

2) Roof spaces are ideal for spiders, cockroaches and other nocturnal insects looking for a dry spot to live and breed. Set off approx. 2
Insect Grenades into the roof space to eradicate any insects living there, and also deter new insects from arriving.

3) Get a Residual house spray it is the most effective way to kill and deter flies, spiders, cockroaches, ant’s, mosquitoes and other flying and crawling insects from coming into your home. Suitable for indoors and out, the residual treatment will provide several months of protection.
Spring Proof your Home
4) Insects get very active in Spring, they are likely to be inside and outside the property.
To stop them in their tracks use Ecomist Sniper as a highly effective invisible barrier spray to kill them on contact and keep your property protected for up to 3 months!

5) Stock up with the Ecomist Insect Spray with Natural Pyrethrins and check your alkaline batteries so make sure you dispenser is working well. Insects will be kept at bay and this will help reduce a Spring Spike in insect activity!

If you find you have an insect infestation on your property and would like assistance in combating any pest call us today and your local franchisee can help you with your pest control needs. 0800 75 75 75 78.

Three Great products to keep on top of insect infestations in your home.
1) Insect Grenade 
2) Insect Sniper
3) Insect Spray

Tom shows us how to use the Ecomist Insect Grenade: