8 Tips to Combat Flies

How to get rid of Flies in 8 easy Steps

How to get rid of fliesFemale flies can lay 150 eggs in one go, and up to 800 eggs in a week! Reduce Fly populations at your place with these handy DIY tips on how to get rid of flies.

The common house fly, blow fly and fruit fly seek out warm, moist environments with food sources to lay their eggs.

You can make life difficult for these critters and stop their breeding cycle with these 8 DIY tips.

1. Be sure to throw out any food as soon as it starts to rot, including fruit, which smells especially attractive to our flying friends.
And pack away leftover foods promptly, preferable into airtight containers and place in the cupboard or fridge.

2. As well as keeping surfaces clear of food, be sure to keep your surfaces dry – what looks like a smear of water to you, is a long tall drink for a fly!

3. Keeping surfaces spotless will also deter flying insects from landing in your zone. Fruit flies will feed on tiny splashes of food and sugary drinks that are easy to miss, so be vigilant when wiping benches.

4. Animal faeces in the garden is another attraction for flies.  Bag and bin all animal droppings regularly. The last thing you want is flies bringing that inside onto your kitchen surfaces!

How to get rid of flies5. Rubbish bins are another popular source of food for flies. Keep the lids on bins and hose the bin regularly to remove any outer debris.

6. Survey your property, and if you’ve got fruit trees in your garden pick up any fruit that’s fallen off to avoid it rotting and becoming a tasty fly treat.

7. Use Ecomist Sniper on bins, around the doorways and entry points into the home.  Sniper provides an invisible barrier which will kill flying or crawling insects on contact.

8. Set your Ecomist Automatic Dispenser on to Med-High setting so that spray is dispensed at regular intervals to prevent flies from entering indoors.

These tips will ensure your environment will be fly free this season!

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