Stop Crawling Insects and Spiders

Stop Crawling Insects and Spiders

Spiders become a common sight during the colder months, as orange-brown slater spiders, common grey house spiders, whitetail spiders and our resident daddy long-leg spiders all look for dry warm places to seek shelter and breed. When one or two make their way inside, it can be hard to tell if they are temporary visitors or have set up a cozy home at your place. Stop Crawling Insects and Spiders in their tracks with these 4 tips.

1) Check your roof cavity. This is favourite haunt for many spiders who like dark, dry places and access your roof cavity through recessed lights in the ceiling. A great tip for keeping your roof cavity insect free, is to deploy a can or two of Ecomist Insect Grenade in your roof space early Autumn.

2) Be sure to check under furniture, and behind cabinets as spiders look for dark spaces to reside. Continuing to have your automatic Ecomist Dispenser set to medium through the winter months will ensure a regular amount of spray will deter and kill insects residing indoors.

3) Look both inside and out for holes or crevices that spiders or other crawlies may venture into. Where possible, seal these holes and crevices to keep crawlies moving on.

4)  A residual insect spray is the most effective way to Stop Crawling Insects and Spiders coming into your home. Suitable for indoors and out, the residual treatment will provide several months of protection. Enquire here

Ecomist’s Insect Grenade is a very effective product which instantly destroys insects and eggs inside your home or workplace.  It even deals to those residing in your rugs and carpets! Suitable for combatting spiders, fleas, fliesand many other insects, the can deploys in less than 2 minutes.

Tom shares some tips on how to use  the Insect Grenade to get the most effective results: