Sealing and Protecting your home this Autumn

The last couple of weeks the air has felt crisp and cool, a sure sign autumn has arrived. While lounging outdoors is still an option, many of us will be looking at ways to prepare and winter-proof our outdoor furniture. Preventing insects from travelling indoors looking for a warm dry place to shelter and breed is also at the top of the list.

Common Winter Insects

Common insects looking for a place to shelter under anything outdoors are spiders, ants and cockroaches during the colder months.

Outdoor furniture

If furniture will be outdoors for the winter, it is recommended to give all them a good spray with the Ecomist Sniper residual insect spray.
When using the Sniper as per the instructions, Sniper can give 3 months of protection from creepy crawlers and flying insects.
The Spray acts as an invisible barrier which can present them from making a home under the chairs and tables and wherever
they can find a dry place.


Thinking about packing our BBQ away? Often spiders like whitetails and other species tend to gravitate towards the BBQ because of the multiple hiding places and also the covers allow for a somewhat warm and dry place for them. While Sniper is not safe to spray directly on the BBQ or places where we eat, it is ok to spray on the inside cover or around the parameter of the BBQ to prevent insects from seeking their winter home there.


Spiders and cockroaches like to find their way indoors through windows, or seek shelter around the windows, outside or in the corners of the ledges. While washing away cobwebs or spider webs it is recommended to apply Sniper after it has dried.

Ecomist Dispenser

Even though the flies are not buzzing around in full force, other creepy crawlers are seeking shelter and a place to hibernate for the cooler months. Cockroaches are nocturnal so sightings during the day are not as common as they look for food and shelter when the lights are out and everyone is asleep. Spiders and ants will continue to look for comfortable dry spots to live and breed year round. It is recommended to set the dispenser on medium or low over the winter months to make sure insects hiding and trekking indoors don’t stand a chance.

For more information and instructions watch Tom’s Tips on how to use the Ecomist Sniper.