Protect your property from ants

Have you seen some signs of ants? Are there ant trails around the property?  Identifying their nest is a very important way to stop them from damaging the property or causing problems within the home or business.
As our seasons change it is important to take steps for preventing ants around the property and also to find out whether a call to your local Ecomist franchisee as the best course of action.
Ants are active this time of year and into the Spring season and they are looking for three key things; shelter, food and water.
With 40 confirmed ant species in New Zealand, designed to withstand temperatures year round it is hard to avoid these critters.

Tips to combat these critters.

1) Keep food off the bench tops or counters. Food left out encourages them to come inside and get stuck into your left overs or any sticky sweet treats that may be lying around.
2) Look for any cracks or crevices around the kitchen or other places like garages, where rubbish may be stored and seal them to prevent these pesky invaders having any easy access point.
3) Arm yourself with some preventative insecticide like Sniper that will help to keep them out of your home.
4) Use Sniper along window ledges, doorways, around the corners of rooms, along the wall by the garden and entry points into the property – it will allow up to three months protection with each application.
5)  If you find a large colony of ants on you property, consider ridding the nests through either DIY solutions or call your local franchisee.

If in doubt call 0800 75 75 78 for some advice or your local franchisee.