Stop rodents with 6 handy tips

Do you have unwanted guests in your home?

Sightings of mice become common at this time of year, as these furry rodents seek shelter from the cooling temperatures, a steady supply of food and a place to breed.
These little troublemakers can produce up to 200 babies in one season! Removing them is critical to ensure your property remains hygienic and damage free.

Some common signs you may have unwanted guests in your home or business include:

1) Food in the cupboards or on the bench looks like it has been tampered with, look for entryways where mice could access your food.
2) Finding droppings that look like hard grains of rice. This is a definite sign these critters are nesting somewhere nearby.
3) A smell of mustiness or an odour such as ammonia can sometimes be detected.
4) Finding shredded paper or even a nest in or around the property.
5) Damage to appliance cords or other furniture, which is cause for immediate action.
6) Scratching sounds. Mice can fit through a space as small as the width of a pencil, so doorways, garages, roof space and windows are all places mice can gain access. Our Ecomist team of qualified and professional operators are equipped to take care of these critters, quickly and effectively.

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