2 Pack 250ml Insect Killer + Free 250ml Odour Neutraliser

$59.00 $39.50

x2 250ml Insect Killer with Natural Pyrethrins

x1 250ml Odour Neutraliser*
*Select fragrances only

Choose from:

  1. Angel: Inspired by CK1. A clean, refreshing fragrance that will add a touch of excitement to your daily activities. Papaya and pineapple blend with a touch of sweet jasmine to create an energetic base. Warm notes of green tea and amber add to the fragrance’s subtlety.
  2. Verberry: Green citrus, orchard, amber-musk.  SOLD OUT in Bay of Plenty & Taranaki/Whanganui
  3. Peach & Passionfruit/Marshall: A powerful blend of peach & passion fruit with dewberry notes.