Get rid of unwanted odours in the home

Walking into a room, home or shop, one of the first things we sense is smell, good or bad!
In our subtropical climate we know the challenge of keeping rooms warm and dry. Is there a room in the home that is musty or lacks a fresh scent? Often times it’s when we have not been in a room for a while or worse – when food smells, forgotten sweaty clothing, pet odour or even pest droppings, disturb your environment and your nose.

Ecomist’s two pronged approach can transform any room in the house to make it odour free and smelling fresh. The effective Ecomist Odour bomb kicks any odours to the floor by binding to the smelly odours and dropping them to the ground for easy vacuuming. The second approach is to choose from our range of 50 French fragrances with odour neutralisers. These cans are designed for placement within the dispenser and our solenoid valve disperses a beautiful and fine mist that will continue to neutralise and if you choose, add a scent to the room. Fantastic if you are selling or renting a home.

Serious smells and embarrassment from lingering odours, can be avoided by these simple steps:

  1. Look for the source of the smell, have pets been in the space? Smelly teens? Unopened Windows? Forgotten food or a downstairs living space?
  2. Once the source of the smell have been removed, the next step is to use the Ecomist Odour Bomb to clear away residual unsightly smells This formula is specially designed to target the smelly particles and bind to them, and drop them to the floor.
  3. Give the room a good hour for the odour bomb to do its job and prepare to vacuum.
  4. For ongoing neutralising of the room the Ecomist Automatic Dispenser can be used with the odour neutraliser and either perfume free or a French fragrance can transform the room.
  5. Enjoy a pleasant environment knowing your rooms are smelling fresh and odour free.

For serious smells check out Tom showing how us how use the Ecomist odour bomb.