6 Summer Tips for Mosquito Control

Summer weather has arrived early this year and so have the mosquitoes. The most common biting mosquitos we find in our homes, workplaces and gardens are the female striped mosquito and the brown house mosquito. These non-native mosquitos lay eggs in stagnant water, and hatch within 24-30 hours. Here are some tips to prevent mosquitos from multiplying around your property.

Checklist for the home or work premise:

  1. Check the property for any pools of water: empty pots and trays, garden water features, buckets, pans, sandpits, boats.
  2. Clean out gutters annually – birds can drop grasses in the drains. Leaves and other debris can build up and become the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes
  3. Trim large trees close to buildings – some trees with big leaves can hold enough water for mosquitos to lay their eggs.
  4. Spraying a barrier spray such as Insect Sniper in cracks and crevices is another way to eliminate mosquitoes while they are still at the egg and larvae stage.
  5. Your Ecomist Automatic Dispenser will target mosquitos in mid-air. Set your dispenser to high or medium,to keep pesky mosquitos away.
  6. To prevent bites, apply Bug Bullet – a personal bug repellent with Deet. This tropical strength formula will keep you protected when you’re out and about this Summer.

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