Insect Sniper

$25.00 (INC GST)
A a highly effective residual insect spray designed to protect your borders and property from crawling and flying insects.

Sprayed onto surfaces where the propellant evaporates leaving behind the active ingredients which kills and repel insects when they come into contact with them.

The dried spray acts like an invisible barrier to crawling insects such as cockroaches, spiders and ants.

Typical areas that can be treated: skirting boards, architraves, under fridges and other kitchen appliances, window sills. The formula was designed for indoor use although it can be used outdoors (it will just not last as long and be washed away if sprayed onto an area exposed to the elements).

The product has been approved by the NZFSA; approval type B (all animal product except dairy).

It is a fast knockdown formula which means it can be sprayed directly onto insects and it will kill them quickly.

Because natural pyrethrins breakdown in sunlight, they are not suitable for use in residual surface sprays like Sniper, where longer term protection is required. Sniper therefore has synthetic "pyrethroids" as its active ingredient which mimic the effects of natural pyrethrins but are not broken down by sunlight. The active ingredients are Permethrin, Tetramethrin, D-Phenothrin and it also includes a synergist call Piperonyl Butoxide. 

Net weight: 400g