Enhance the Environment of Your Business With Ecomist

Businesses use Ecomist for two main reasons;
  1. To keep their customers happy through not being bothered by insects, 
  2. To give their customers an extra special experience through the use of carefully chosen fragrances.  

Ecomist has a special dispenser called the EcoProC that was especially designed for commercial use (and not available to residential customers). It has 16 programs that cover a wide range of business operating hours with higher outputs during operating hours and lower/zero output during non-operating hours. The EcoProC is the most advanced automatic dispenser on the market and can cater precisely to your needs. As a business there are two options for tapping into the benefits that Ecomist offers, the Commercial Service or the Self Service option.  

Commercial Service Option
  • Your local Ecomist franchisee will ensure that once a month a new can is placed in your dispenser and the dispenser is operating smoothly (cleaned, batteries checked etc). 
  • A set fee will be charged and you can pay on standard commercial payment terms.
Self Service Option
  • Under this option you buy and own the dispensers
  • When its time to replace your cans your local Ecomist Franchisee will ship them to you (they will give you a reminder phone call if you like).
  • You replace the cans yourself when required.
To find out more about either of these two options please give you local Ecomist franchisee a call on 0800 75 75 78 or contact them  through our contact page.

Free Trials

Ecomist offers FREE TRIALS to commercial customers. There are no contracts to sign and no hidden catches. We’d simply like to show you how well our products work and we know you won’t be disappointed. Please contact your local franchisee  for more information 

For more on Ecomist's commercial servicing: choose from the following services