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Cockroach sightings can become common over winter and if they are appearing inside the home, immediate action is recommended to stop your home from being a nesting ground for these creepy crawlies. Be... Read more >>
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Do you have unwanted guests in your home? Sightings of mice become common at this time of year, as these fury rodents see shelter from the cold, a steady supply of food and a place to breed. These... Read more >>
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Spiders become a common sight during the colder months, as orange-brown slater spiders, common grey house spiders, whitetail spiders and our resident daddy long-leg spiders all look for dry warm plac... Read more >>
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How many times have you stalked a fly around your living room, desperately trying to squirt fly spray in its direction? Its frustrating. It's futile. And to top it all off, you look silly doing ... Read more >>
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Spectacular weather graced the Rotorua Association of Triathletes and Multisport club at the annual Blue Lake Multisport Festival (BLMF), in Rotorua late January. Some 400 entries over the two day... Read more >>
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Fleas, flies and mosquitoes are making a comeback this month due to the rise in temperatures. These nasty critters, signaled by warmer temperatures and humidity, kick start their breeding cycle in ... Read more >>
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Wednesday, 07 September, 2016
Have you Spring Proofed your home? As daffodils and blossoms emerge signaling the official Spring season, so do the appearance of insects. In warmer areas flies may just be starting to appear and mos... Read more >>
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Friday, 05 August, 2016
Have you seen some signs of ants? Are there ant trails around the property?Identifying their nest is a very importantway to stop them from damaging the property or causing problems within the home or ... Read more >>
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Walking into a room, home or shop, one of the first things we sense is smell, good or bad! In our subtropical climate we know the challenge of keeping rooms warm and dry. Is there a room in the hom... Read more >>
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Winter time pests Do you have signs of pests in your home? Do you smell something or hear strange sounds coming from the walls? Now we are well into Autumn you may begin to suspect that you may hav... Read more >>
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