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Pet owners know when a flea infestation hits because dogs and cats show visible signs of irritation. Flea bites seem to appear overnight on children andon exposed areas like feet and legs. Surprisin... Read more >>
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Do you have unwanted guests in your home? Sightings of mice become common at this time of year, as these furry rodents seek shelter from the cooling temperatures, a steady supply of food and a place... Read more >>
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Summer this year has seen high heat, humidity and rain causing all kinds of problems for homes and businesses. Flies and mosquitoes are breeding at a record rate due to the favorable conditions and ... Read more >>
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Worker ants with their tireless trails and activity are fascinating to watch outdoors.

But when they find a way into our homes from unseen cracks and crevices, or open doors and.... Read more >>
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Rising temperatures, rain and humidity are causing cockroach populations to kick into overdrive. This week parts of the North Island are experiencing humidity levels between 79-95 percent! Prolific ... Read more >>
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Walking into a room, home or shop, one of the first things we sense is smell, good or bad! In our subtropical climate we know the challenge of keeping rooms warm and dry. Is there a room in the hom... Read more >>
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Tuesday, 30 January, 2018
The 32nd Ecomist Blue Lake Festival was a huge success over the Auckland anniversary weekend. Over 400 participants enjoyed the superb weather and pushed their limits with the swim, cycle and run cat... Read more >>
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Tuesday, 05 December, 2017
Summer weather has arrived early this year and so have the mosquitoes. The most common biting mosquitos we find in our homes, workplaces and gardens are the female striped mosquito and the brown house... Read more >>
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Friday, 17 November, 2017
When it comes to breeding, theres no business like Fly Business! Female flies can lay 150 eggs in one go, and up to 800 eggs in a week! Reduce Fly populations at your place with these handy DIY tips... Read more >>
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Wednesday, 15 November, 2017
Flies have a more aggressive breeding cycle than fleas. They mean business. After flies mate the female fly is ready to deposit eggs. Female flies can lay 150 eggs in one go, and within less than a w... Read more >>
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