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Quick and effective insect and odour control for both home & business.

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Ant and Cockroach Control

An Ecomist Automatic Dispenser works brilliantly at making your home or business a NO-GO-ZONE for ants and cockroaches. 

For extra protection, use a surface spray to spray along surfaces where insects might cross, rest or inhabit, (i.e. around window frames or under fridges). Ecomist Insect Sniper acts like an invisible barrier to crawling insects such as ants, spiders and roaches. It will dry on the surface and have insecticidal activity for weeks to come!

Also, try under outdoor furniture to keep cobwebs and spiders away.

Freshen any room with the Ecomist Odour Bomb and Odour Neutralisers with fine French Fragrancing . Order here.
This June Odour Buster Kit Includes:
1 x 135g can of Odour Bomb
2 x 145g can of Odour Neutralisers with French fragrancing (the option for no perfume is also available). 
Up to 50 beautiful fragrances to choose from - keep Odours away this winter!

Online Warranty

Ecomist dispensers come with a one-year warranty; if your dispenser is faulty within the first year of you purchasing it, we'll happily replace it with a new one. Click below to register your dispenser warranty. 

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Limited Edition Fragrance!

Crushed Mint and Citrus

Beautiful combination of crushed mint leaves with lemon and lime. Perfect to boost your mood and enhance any environment!
While stocks last.

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Kiwi Invented, Owned and Operated 

You can trust your Ecomist Automatic Aerosol Dispenser to keep your environment bug and fly-free all year round. 
The dispenser automatically releases small amounts of natural pyrethrins at regular intervals to kill and repel insects. All you have to do is set and forget. 

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Franchise Opportunities 

Do you like Ecomist's products so much that you would like to sell them? We have franchises throughout New Zealand and occasionally they come up for sale. 

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